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Submit your proposal to us. Let Apparel Branders be your full-service custom apparel services provider. Please complete the following form with as much information as possible, the more info we have the better we can assist you.

Let’s get started! Let us know about yourself and your brand  

Secondly, Let us know the stage of development your brand is currently at!

Project Due Date
E.g., 04/20/2018

Thirdly, Provide us with custom garment specification .

In this section provide us with detailed information about your custom garment if you are uploading detailed spec-sheet leave all other field blank we will grab it from you spec-sheet  .


Please provide information one style at the time after completing first style information click (add another item) and start with your next style.


e.g. Racer-back Tank top
e.g. 30/1 ring spun 100% cotton/ Soft fabric
Files must be less than 20 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg eps pdf zip doc docx xls xlsx.


Forth in this section please provide us with information about your brand label neck label and in case you have a secondary label such as hem-tag or sleeve-tag etc.  


Do you have a 2nd label e.g hem-tag on the sleeve etc.
Do we need to have any other info ?
If there is anything else we need to know please explain here
e.g. hanger , spacial package etc.


Finally if you are planning to decorate your garment or custom textile product we need to know method of decoration location and art work file..

Notes & Tips.

If you have more than one decoration provide us with information one style at the time.

In each select value you can select one value at the time (e.g. your first style has two location front and back) so select first location e.g. front complete information about front graphic then use add another item then select you  2nd location e.g. back .

Please select correct value for (Art-work for)  e.g. if you are providing information for first style with 2 location of decoration for both front and back select first style and continue to second style if need it  


Art-work for ?
Dec. Method?
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#'s of ink?
Screen printing only
Upload Art-work
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Screen printing only
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Files must be less than 20 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png bmp eps psd pdf rar tar zip ai.
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