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Fabric Piece Dyeing Services

Fabric Piece Dyeing Services

Dyeing is the process used to add color to your garments and bring them to life. Through dyeing we can match virtually any color and replicate it to the desired hue. There are two main types of dyeing offered through Apparel Branders to suit your needs: Piece Dyeing and Garment Dyeing.
Piece Dyeing:
Piece dying is the process in which the entire roll of fabric is dyed and then cut as needed or cut pieces of fabric are dyed before the garment is assembled. In this process the fabric is placed in a jet dyeing machine and passed through the dye solution for a specified length of time. Once the fabric is dyed it is cut according to your pattern and sewn using the same color thread. 
  • Piece dyed fabrics boast richer, longer lasting color. Also known as "color-woven" fabric.
  • Cost effective for mass producing identical garments of a particular color.
  • Flexibility to produce garments with differently colored pieces. Ex: Baseball tees & ringer tees.
  • Ideal for high quantity.

Here is a list of some of most common fabrics we use:

  • Available Yarns
  • Combed Cotton (20/1, 30/1, 40/1)
  • Supima/Pima Cotton
  • Organic Cotton
  • Polyester, Micro Polyester
  • Fleece (80/20)

Knit types

Single Knit

  • Jersey Knit
  • Single Jersey Pique
  • Stripe
  • Pointelle
  • French Terry
  • Loop Terry
  • Fleece/Nap
  • Velour
  • Crepe
  • Wrinkle/Crinkle
  • Eyelet
  • Popcorn Stitch

Double Knit

  • Rib (1x1, 2x1, 2x2)
  • Poor Boy, Sweater, and Variegated Rib
  • Flat back Rib
  • Stripe
  • Interlock, Eightlock
  • Thermal (2x1, 2x2)
  • Double Pointelle
  • Double Pique
  • Double face Jersey
  • Blister


**Our teams inspects all items after being dyed**


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