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Garment Dyeing

Garment Dyeing


Apparel Branders garment dyeing process take place in our Los Angeles Factory, the finished garments are sent to a dye plant to be placed in a dye bath and processed in any variety of colors to match the customers request. Garments are normally constructed from PFD (prepared for dye) fabric for this purpose. Also known as "just in time dyeing," garment dyeing is popular for it's flexibility. This allows clients to make decisions about the colors offerings later, which means it can be more tailored to the changes in the market place. Garment-dyed goods are also preshrunk, reducing returns. Useful for creating custom garments for specific events, quick stock to respond to demands for particular colors and styles & managing inventory to limit excess stock at the end of the season.

Advantages - 

  • Smaller quantities required for dye lots.

  • Flexibility to change colors quickly based on market demands.

  • Gives a "lived in" feel & look right off the shelf.

  • Includes a washing to provide a softer feeling, 100% pre-shrunk garment.

Dye Washes

Our popular washes are shown but there are many more washes to choose from. If you have any questions regarding our available washes feel free to contact us. Silicon additives are available for many washes in light and heavy concentrations to yield super-soft & silky shirts.




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