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Screen Printing


For over 15 years Apparel Branders has excelled in printing and decorating garments of all types. Our in-house production offers scalability for any job large or small and allows us to maintain quality standards that are among the highest in the industry. We offer a wide variety of decorating options to bring your garments to life.

Screen Printing up to 22"x36" Imprint size

Screen Printing is the most popular method for decorating shirts and apparel as it is economical, quick and yields vibrant and colorful prints. The prints are sturdy and resilient enough to last for the life of the garment. In addition to standard Plastisol, we offer Water-based and soft hand Palastisol ink options to provide a soft-hand garment.

All-over prints up to 48"x 58" imprint Size

All-over prints have become very popular and allow for ultimate flexibility. Designs can be seamlessly placed anywhere, patterned over the entire garment or wrap around the sides and shoulders

Specialty Inks

  • Discharge-Water Based Ink
      -Discharge prints use a specialty ink which removes pigment from the garment, leaving a washed look that feels just as soft as the unprinted garment.
  • Metallic Ink
     -Metallic inks have a look similar to foil with the feel of a normal print and are a great alternative to standard solid colors.
  • Glitter Ink
     -Make your garments shine; glitter inks can add a sparkle throughout the design or add accents.
  • Puff
   -Puff inks are chemically designed to puff up the garment. When the ink reaches curing temperatures, it will puff up and become raised off the garment.
   -This effect gives a garment a unique look and allows a design to have added dimension.
  • Glow in the Dark
     -This specialty ink is transparent in daylight but glows green in the dark.
     -Glow effects can be used to add extra elements or modify the design when viewed in the dark. It makes for fun and creative garments perfect for children, halloween and school or club events.
  • Gel
    -Gel ink is a clear ink that gives a smooth or wet like appearance.
    -The ink alone is colorless and normally put on another ink to get color. Use gel ink on dark garments for the best results.
Foiling on garments adds elegance, flair and ensures your style stands out. This heat press application is available in a variety of colors and works great on screen printed shirts.  Metallic & holographic foil is a special effect technique for T-Shirts and other textile fabrics that produces a shiny "metal-appearing" surface. Using a heat transfer press, the foil is transferred to the  fabric on top of a receptive ink which has been previously printed onto the fabric.          



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