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Start your line today! Vertically integrated

manufacturer in Los Angeles.

Apparel Branders is a full-service private label custom clothing and textile goods manufacturer from concept to final product plus your digital media that is 100% made in USA call us today 800.775-7227 .



"Our focus is to make Clothing manufacturing in los angeles stronger than ever"
Apparel Branders is vertically integrated fashion clothing manufacturing made in the usa that is redefining the way clothing in the USA is developed, produced, and distributed worldwide. Our experienced team provides design and production solutions to clients in the private label apparel, corporate and fashion industries. We work directly with your design teams to develop custom apparel manufacturing solutions tailored to your needs.
As a vertically-integrated private label custom apparel manufacturer in the U.S.A. our company will personally handle your private label clothing project from concept to shipment, ensuring the highest level of quality assurance and on-time production. Our services include knitting, cutting, sewing, garment dyeing, screen printing, embroidery, special packaging, and retail distribution.
What sets Apparel Branders apart from all other branding companies is we build your branded apparel from concept to final product. Don't settle for anything less, build your own brand. We are experts in fabrication, design, color, and construction.
Make your Apparel Brand stand out in front of all your competitors. Trust no one else in branding your apparel as we have generations of experience with a fast turnaround time. We have a huge selection of fabric and most importantly our experienced sample makers will make sure you get your brand the way it should be.
We have learned to understand the needs of our customers as we guarantee satisfaction. Make Apparel Branders your one stop shop, allowing you to create apparel sample development to your apparel final production. Our company will personally handle your private label clothing project from concept to shipment, ensuring the highest level of quality assurance and on-time production.
Regarded as one of the top full package (CMT) USA manufacturers, Apparel Branders constructs the highest quality knits made with incomparable thread at our knitting facility located in the heart of the fashion district in Los Angeles. Providing our clients with in house pattern and pre-production sampling, as well as in-house marking, grading, cutting, sewing, printing, packing, and shipping of finished production runs ready for retail distribution. With an in-house fashion design house, custom clothing, stock blanks, private label items, we can create various items in all knit and woven categories for our clients. We have invested greatly in technology to improve our machinery, operational speed, and to ensure the most experienced professional service.
Customer Service
Customer Service is by far the most important aspect of our company culture.
It is Our #1 Priority.
We know that in our business many vendors can offer the same product, but it is our Customer Service that sets us apart from our competition and makes us a great choice as your partner in clothing manufacturing.
We know that in our industry many vendors can offer the same product, but it is our Customer Service and quality that sets us apart from our competition.
Every employee at Apparel Branders takes it as a Personal Mission to always Go Above and Beyond the Call of Duty and to Exceed our client’s expectations.
Our motto is: Customer First.
In today's fashion industry, Creativity is the key ingredient in any brand it is what sets you apart and makes you unique creativity enhances your brand.
We at Apparel branders understand this concept and hence Approach every project with fresh ideas and innovation.
We leverage our Many years of industry experience along with the Creativity of our young and talented designers to provide our clients with the Best-of-breed promotional products and ideas.
We act as consultants to our clients.
We not only provide the products, but we also help you develop the right products.
We bring your ideas to life, From Concept to Reality.
Efficiency is the third principle of our operating philosophy.In today’s competitive market, efficiency has become a necessity for survival.
However, we at Apparel Branders have taken efficiency to the next level. We Continuously strive to increase our efficiencies in every aspect of our business.
Through significant investments in our IT infrastructure, we have Automated most of our Business Process including machinery both internally as well as with our clients and vendors.e.g. EDI support, Online B2C, Client Inventory Management, Automation in cutting and sewing and much more.

Sample Development

Let us make your sample line for you professionally with our experienced design team Sampling process involves.
  • Product Design
  • Fabric Selection
  • Pattern making
  • Cutting & Sewing
  • Decoration and finishing

Research & Development

Apparel branders emphasize on Research & Development as core for our business. As an Innovative and Sustainable organization.
  • Improve process and product by optimisation.
  • Enhancing the efficiency in sustainable way.
  • Reducing the utilisation of natural resource.
  • Innovate the sustainable product and process.
  • optimisation to increase the efficiency.

Vertically Integrated

Right making fabrics of different quality in cotton, Synthetic, viscose/modal, Poly, melanges,organic, slub, etc., produced in house in our factory in USA..
  • Fashion Innovation
  • Design Studio
  • Flexibility
  • Shorter Lead Time
  • Ability to process Orders of Any Quantity

We do awesome works.

Quality is controlled at every stage of production by conducting systematic testing and continuous monitoring of results.
To get more information regarding any of our gallery images, click on the name of the products for inquire.

Are you ready to talk about , your project Send us a message now.

You are unique, and with our vast selection of colors, fabrications, and silhouettes the possibilities are endless.

Custom clothing "Made in the USA" develop your brand today. With low minimums and short lead times, tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll make it happen.  call us today 800-775-7227

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Ready to start production,

We would love to learn more about your project.  

The more you tell us about your vision and your product, the better we will be able to assist you.  If you have photos, sketches, or other info to send along, please upload it here or email them as an attachment to

  • If you like to make sample, how many and what are you developing?
  • If you like to manufacture, how many units and what are you producing?
  • If you know what type of fabric you are using, please let us know?
  • If you are decorating, please explain screen printing, embroidery, etc.

We offset great service for our customers.

We are committed to bringing the USA apparel industry back and stronger than ever. We provide both small batch and large scale clothing manufacturing Made in USA services for independent designers and established brands alike utilizing manufacturing facilities in orange county and Los Angeles California.

Step 1:Consulting

First At Apparel Branders we are committed to develop and manufacture clothing for startup or existing brand in the United States of America ,For this reason,we also provide consulting services to provide you with all the tools you need in today speedy market and, We’ll review your project in detail discuss timelines & finances..

Step 2 : Customer Setup

Once you are ready to move forward with Apparel Branders, we will set you up and provide you with an account – from here on you can easily manage and communicate with your assigned team.

Step 3:Development

Whether it's your first time creating an apparel line, or you are planning out for your next season, we will work with you to turn your ideas into production-ready samples. All our apparel is made in USA with our professional team.

Step 4: Production

You are unique and with our vast selection of colors, fabrications and silhouettes, the possibilities are endless.With low minimums and short lead times, tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll make it happen.

USA Denim Manufacturing

At Apparel Branders We Offer A Variety Of Different Denim And Woven Manufacturing Options In Today's Ever Trending Denim And Woven Market Helping Wholesalers, Brands, And E-Commerce Platforms.

Branding using stock

Using Stock Apparel Is On An Alternative Way To Build Your Clothing Brand, Uniform, School Team Wear, Corporate Giveaway Or Any Other Purposes You Need To Customize Products.

Look Book & Photography/Video

We have partnered up with the best reputable branding digital media company to handle your branding service all under one “End To End Zone” Apparel-Branders 360 degree Zone.

Web Design & Development

We strategically design and develop websites that elevate your brand and communicate your message effectively we know Fashion industry better than any other agency.

Are you ready to take it to the next level?


Proudly 100% Made in the USA garment Manufacturing

Textile goods and clothing manufacturing in the USA strengthen the American economy and are a high selling point for your garments, too.
We are a sweatshop-free, and we do not condone sweatshop working conditions. Knitting, Dying, Printing, Cutting, Sewing, Decorating and packaging of your garments are done by locals Americans working with love and passion for our country.
It is time to take back what belongs to us with your commitments to made in USA garment manufacturing.
Successful projects
Answer Customer on time
Our commitment to quality

Vertical Interrogation

Providing full line development and production solutions to clients in the private label apparel, custom brand clothing, fashion industries & corporate develop your clothing brand with confidence as we have decades of experience. We work directly with your design teams to develop custom clothing and manufacturing solutions tailored to your brand needs.Create your custom clothing line in LA, make yourclothing brand stand out in front of all your competitors!

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