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Whether you are new in the branded clothing industry,designer or existing brand our Apparel Branders Development Packages give you everything you need to successfully plan and launch of your line with the right budget. Our vertically integrated private label custom clothing manufacturing in Los Angeles allows designers from all over the world a chance to work hands-on with our team.

Turnaround time for Development packages are a 5-8-week turnaround; start date is when we have received of all designs, fabrics, and trims , Payment is due in full upon contractual signing.


Our package prices are based on basic standard styles, with an estimated 5-6 hours of work for each pattern and sample. A surcharge will be added for complex, tailored designs base on additional time spend.
Turnaround times are generally 3-6 weeks, from the scheduled start date. Additional samples are available upon request, for the standard fee of $250 per sample.
Packages may be built to custom-suit the customer's needs, and pro-rated for the number of styles desired Use the inquiry web-form below. You can email your request or call us 800-775-7227

start now


Package A, Starting @

$ 2100.00 /Includes
  • 2 Patterns
  • 2 Samples
  • 1 Fitting
  • 1 Design Tweak
  • 2 Production Ready Patterns

Package B, Starts @

$ 5000.00 /Includes
  • 5 Patterns
  • 5 Samples
  • 2 Fitting
  • 1 Design Tweaks Per Style
  • 5 Production ready patterns

Package C Starting @

$ 10000.00 /Incluses
  • 10 Patterns/li>
  • 10 Samples
  • 2 Fitting
  • 1 Design Tweaks Per Style
  • 10 Production Ready Patterns

Package D , Starting @

$ 15000.00 /Includes
  • 15 Patterns
  • 15 Samples
  • 2 Fitting
  • 15 Design Tweaks Per Style
  • 15 Production Ready Patterns

Start today Call us @ 800-775-7227 or email us

have more styles or less styles !! have decoration such as screen printing or embroidery inquire below by selecting custom package "Development package option?"

Ready to get started on your project?

Contact Us Today!, Call 800-775-7227 or use the inquiry form below.

Please note this inquiry form is not meant to be an official Purchase Order, upon submitting your request one of our professional team members will contact you to finalize your project and answer any questions you may have.. we are absolutely delighted to work with you.

"Please answer the questions with as much information possible. The more you tell us about your project, the better we will be able to get back to you with accurate information and estimate. If you have photos, sketches, tech-pack, products images, art-work for decoration or other info please upload it all and let us know what is each file for in the (Describe files uploaded section) in this web-form."

Your Contact Information

Re-order Qty. Colorway Size or range of sample Description of sample ? Fabric ? Label Weight Operations

Your Project Budget per sample ?
$ Budget for my sample

Why we are asking for your project budget?
We are asking for your budget because we want you to move forward with your project and build your brand. When it gets to custom clothing manufacturing, there are so many options  (e.g, if we change fabric, using stock fabric, stock garments, or eliminating a few details, etc. By knowing your budget we will try to find the best option for you.

let us know your total budget per sample.
( Please enter budget per sample in the same order as above sample description.)

Are you  printing , embroider, sublimating or any other method like deboss ?
Please describe Decoration. ( If you have more then one common decoration for your sample please provide us with details information for all the sample in the same order as you entered your sample information.  
(e.g. First sample Screen printing 2 color front chest.
2nd Sample embroidery left 
side of the shirt 3x5 inch )<br>
A- Method of decoration?
B-Location of decoration?
C-If Screen Printing how many colors?
D-If Embroidery Size of the graphic (e.g. 6x5 inch)

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You can upload up to 10 files here
Allowed file extensions
(gif jpg png bmp eps tif psd eps ai pdf doc docx ppt pptx xls xlsx dxf  ) 
Note: you can upload multiple files one file at the time.
Please upload any supporting file you may have that can help us to better assist you with your projects such as image of product, spec-sheet, Tech-pack, face card, bill of materials, Digital
dxf pattern, marker, Decoration related files like neck label graphics, screen printing art-work, embroidery file, mock-ups, etc.


Please provide any further comments.

Please provide us with anything else we need to know and any comment or notes about your order here .
Use the drawing pad for simple drawing or sketches if need it as t is not accurate.