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Apparel Branders assists established clients in designing and manufacturing custom textile goods and non wearable fashion accessories right here in the USA made in Los Angeles such as bags, aprons, hats, tote-bag, pillows, tents, headbands, baby wraps, bedding, special covers for products, spa towels, and much more the list can go on, we have extensive experience in non-wearable products made out of woven, synthetic fabrics, knitts, canvas, hemp, organic recycle poly and other fabric for businesses around the globe.

Our decades of experience have led us to do many different projects for business throughout the globe, such as custom printed bags for tradeshows, headbands, shirts, hats, pillows, makeup bags, duffle bags, and much more. Our staff helps clients bring to life custom items for their exclusive brand or business! We operate our business services in Los Angeles, CA, and Gardena, CA, thereby growing our sourcing options for our customers, and ensuring a quality product. Our company emphasizes a eco-friendly environment, allowing us to service our clients with eco-friendly fabrics which are 100% organic cotton. All our fabric is grown, knitted, and sewed in the USA. Per request, items can be specified to be created in organic cotton.

Our top of the line machinery allows us to deliver top quality packages.

Built on our reputation to have the best service, quality, reliability, turn around time, and value. After decades of service,We have worked hard to develop a reputation for quality, reliability, service and value. Throughout the years, we have designed and manufactured custom items for many Fortune 500 corporations, military and sport teams. We also help small businesses grow with many custom promotional items.

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We have access to Denim and, woven,synthetic, knits, fabrics and more from across the globe as well as our own knitting mill in the USA able to knit specialized fabrics.

Denim is a complex fabric with detailed stitching. Standard turnaround time is 8- 14 weeks
Quality and customer service is our top priority call us today 800-775-7227

12 Step Quality Control:

Our team has specially designed a 12 Step QC check to inspect everything single products thoroughly after products have been finished before packaging.
  • Custom Packaging: Providing clients with custom packaging designed to there needs!
  • Custom Trims: We are able to custom make buttons, zippers, and labels for our clients.
  • Customer Service: Top of the line experienced customer service representatives respond with detailed information.
  • Our team also provides weekly updates on production, samples, etc
  • Consultation: Send us a detailed email with your inquiries and an experienced sales agent will get in touch with you shortly!
Quality and customer service is our top priority call us today 800-775-7227

Fashion Products

Our knit and woven products can also be used for fashion requests. Makeup Bags, Jewelry Bags, Tops, Dresses, Jackets, Tote Bags are suitable for anything from full pieces to accessories. In this field where durability and appearance are of the essence, our products measure up to the highest standards. At Apparel Branders you are sure to find multiple fashion applications for your clothing brand.
  • Tote Bags
  • Jewelry Bags
  • Makeup Bags
  • Aprons
  • Dresses
  • Covers
  • Laser treatment
Denim is a complex fabric with detailed stitching. Standard turnaround time is 8- 14 weeks
Denim is a complex fabric with detailed stitching. Standard turnaround time is 8- 14 weeks
Quality and customer service is our top priority call us today 800-775-7227

Military Products

Our bags, jackets, shirts, hats, backpacks are used for a variety of military purposes. This also includes products ranging from military vest and woven guns slings to trucking tie downs. Emphasizing in the highest quality products in the market, military gear must be of the highest quality to safeguard operation in harsh environments and situations. Our Military products are made to be resilient and durable so that personnel don't have to waste their time and energy fixing them. Taking pride in the military field, we know they are so dependent on reliability and durability, which is why our Military products are made to the highest standards.
  • Hats
  • Bags
  • Face Cover
  • towls
  • woven guns slings
  • trucking tie downs
Made in usa manufacturing of textile accessory and non wearbel goods

Professional Sport Products

The use of our products in the world of sports is an important aspect of who we are and what we do. This is because the strength and versatility of our products makes them the perfect tool for many sporting requests, ranging from motorcycle driving, boating, rafting, rock climbing, and more. Any situation that calls for high quality products, it is the perfect time to utilize our strong woven fabric products. Come to us with all your knitted and woven needs. If you have any inquiries regarding special orders, shipping, item availability, etc. please contact us. We love creating mutually beneficial business relationships with our clients that last. We weave, knit, manufacture, dye, print, package, and ship for many different industries and our confident in our capacity to provide the right webbing products for you .
  • Cushions
  • Lumbar
  • Coccyx
  • Bedding
  • Tents
  • Back-packes
Denim is a complex fabric with detailed stitching. Standard turnaround time is 8- 14 weeks

You are unique, and with our vast selection of colors, fabrications, and silhouettes the possibilities are endless.

Custom clothing "Made in the USA" develop your brand today. With low minimums and short lead times, tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll make it happen.  call us today 800-775-7227

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