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Garment Dyeing and finishing
Garment dyeing process takes place in our Los Angeles Factory, the finished garments are sent to a dye plant to be placed in a dye bath and processed in any variety of colors to match the customer's request. Garments are normally constructed from PFD (prepared for dye)
How to Start a Fashion Brand

How to Start a Fashion Brand in 10 Steps: Step-by-Step Guide

Sublimation Digital Format
Dye Sublimation is a fairly new technique that allows full-color images to be printed on garments. Unlike screen printing, the design is actually dyed and absorbed into the shirts fibers and feels no different to the touch. For best results and vibrant colors,
Different Premium type of Clothing Labels

Woven Clothing Labels

Our signature "Damask Air Jet" woven label is our top seller and for good reason, but scroll down through our extensive selection of various weaves we offer in the Woven Label section. Each woven label has its own unique finish and style - just like your apparel line. Find the woven label that is right for you easily at BCI Labels.

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