Packaging & Fulfillment

Packaging & Fulfillment

Apparel Branders packaging & fulfillment services take care of the final steps in our Los Angeles Factory to make your garments retail ready.


Promote your brand with your own woven or tag-less labels. Our in-house sewing department can easily remove the manufacturer's label and replace it with your own custom woven label in any location. Go tag-less for that unique look and added comfort. Tag-less tees let you completely customize the label and eliminate tag irritation.

Hang Tagging:

Custom hang tags allow you to add additional product info to your garments. We can provide various shapes and sizes, all customized with your logo and branding, attached with string or tagging guns. Use sticker hang tags or attach stickers for an added bonus and increased brand awareness. If you have product price and SKU tickets we can attach them as well to make your garments fully retail-ready.

Folding / Poly Bagging / Sticker Application:

Selling your shirts online? Do your vendors require items to be individually packaged? Want to save time packing and shipping orders? We can fold your shirts, insert them into poly-bags and apply size stickers so you don't have to. Our in-house equipment can individually fold and polybag your product to your specifications, quickly and consistently. Benefits of Apparel Branders  Folding & Bagging services include:

  • Protects your printed garments from dust & spills
  • Keeps shirts neatly folded
  • Makes it easy to sort shirts by size
  • Easy storage of your finished garments
  • Ensures a great first impression on your customer

Distribution services:

You don?t need a warehouse or office to run your successful online business, ask us abut out warehousing and distribution program!